Advisory of institutional investors in matters of investments in industrial solar plants in Germany and Italy. At the beginning, the team includes Antje Grieseler and an assistant.


Foundation of Leonidas Associates GmbH which offers private individuals the possibility to invest in renewable energy projects via closed-end funds. In 2008 and 2009 these funds invest in solar projects in Germany.


Leonidas Associates GmbH starts to invest in solar projects in France via the closed-end funds Leonidas Associates IV and V GmbH & Co. KG.

In parallel, Guntram Grieseler completes the portfolio of Leonidas companies with his company “G&G” which is specialized in technical advisory of solar plants.


Leonidas Associates GmbH invests in solar projects in the south of Italy.

In September, the team moves to an office building in Kalchreuth, near Nuremberg, with more than 1.000 m² office space. Leonidas Associates  now has 37 solar plants with 42 MW under management.


The company decides to focus on a new investment strategy in France: the new core competence is to acquire, realize and operate projects for private investors in this country. The company starts to invest in French wind projects.


Leonidas Associates GmbH now has more than 100 million euros equity under management. The whole group is staffed with 31 team members.



Ralf Schamberger joins the board of Leonidas Associates, being responsible for the accounting and the controlling teams of the entire Leonidas group.

In parallel, Leonidas Optima is founded with a team of technical engineers. This represents the entry into the market of operation and maintenance for solar plants. 


The total investment into solar and wind projects is now more than 500 million euros. The projects are advised and managed by 45 employees in Germany and France. Leonidas Associates also opens an office in Bezannes/Reims with a team of 5 employees. Leonidas Wind is founded to take care of the construction management and the technical management of the wind projects during their operational time.


Leonidas Associates has nearly 7.000 private investors which invested a total of nearly 160 million euros in 16 closed-end funds. This equity is invested in 42 MW solar plants and 230 MW wind projects. 48 team members are responsible for the management and operation of these power plants. Most of them speak French or are French natives.


The strategic decision of Leonidas is now to focus on investments in France, and mainly on institutional investors. The entire company is reorganised and two new entities, Leonidas PRJMA Unternehmensberatung GmbH and Leonidas Advice & Asset Management GmbH, are founded.

Leonidas PRJMA offers advice for accounting, while Leonidas Advice & Asset Management focuses on the acquisition, the realization and the administrative management of solar and wind projects.

To face these new changes, the company built a new office building in Eckental, with additional 300 m2 office space. Leonidas PRJMA moved there in March 2018.